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Ticket: 35385c0942d2c675d53f170d9efbbd1f70aa051f
Arguments for functions
Date: 2010-06-30 14:37:28
User: james

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    What I was hoping is that it would be possible to pass 'arguments' to the function call which the function could use as possibly an index value. So say:

    <!--#webem value 1 -->

    calls the function 'value' with argument '1'. The function then can interpret the string following value similar like a command line with argc and argv[] and use it to pass back the value of say an array indexed by the argument.

    In the end what I am trying to avoid is to have to put html markup in the C code of the application (like what would be the case when outputting a complete html table). I would like to leave all the markup in the html pages and just use the !--#webem value 1 -- type construction to fill in numbers/strings where I need them.

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