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Artifact ID: 0b169f4c95e6972556a62309ab2e8fb5a21e3cad
Page Name:WEBEM
Date: 2010-05-31 14:48:14
Original User: james
Parent: 0027c5a4ea6a88145e1cec0d71594a466471390b

WEBEM is a free, open source C+++ Embedded web server.

Do you have a web page or two? Nothing fancy, perhaps, but a neat demonstration of what can be achieved with a handful of HTML tags? Do you have a sophisticated C++ Windows desktop application which now needs to be controlled and monitored remotely? So, without learning a whole new technology, let's give your application its own web page!

Webem is a web server that you can embed in your C++ application. It makes it easy to implement a browser GUI accessible from anywhere.

Webem is based on a minimally modified version of the boost::asio web server, and permits HTML code to execute C++ methods.

A detailed description can be read in my CodeProject article

The 'Hello, world' program

Detailed class and method documentation


Other open source code by James Bremner, Raven's Point Consulting