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A process simulator.


Vase is an extensible process simulator that can handle both individual and continuous tasks. Examples of individual tasks are customers at a bank, cars on an assembly line, or documents in an office. Examples of continuous tasks are oil in a refinery or water in a river.

A source generates a task. The task moves through the process until it reaches a sink. The path of the task through the process depends on the nature of the task, the modifications which may occur to the task and the connections in the process.   

The name Vase is based on an image of the process as a network of pipes and flowers. The pipes allow tasks to flow between flowers.  The flowers are event handlers which modify the tasks and control their movement.  The arrangement of flowers that define a process is called a vase.


  How to add a new kind of flower Vase  is designed to make it easy as possible to add specialized flowers with their own appearance and behaviour.

  How to Build