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raven::sqlite::cDB Class Reference

SQLITE Wrapper. More...

#include <raven_sqlite.h>

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Public Member Functions

 cDB ()
 Construct class, but do not open database.
 cDB (const wchar_t *fname)
 Construct and open database.
void Open (const wchar_t *fname)
 Open database.
void Open (const std::wstring fname)
 Open database, wstring.
 ~cDB ()
 close database, destroy class
int Query (const wchar_t *f,...)
 Submit query.
sqlite3 * getHandle ()
 Get handle to database, for C API calls.

Public Attributes

std::vector< std::wstring > myResult
 Query results stored in vector of wstrings.
char * myError
 if not null, points to last error message

Detailed Description

SQLITE Wrapper.

Stores everything as a UTF16 string

Member Function Documentation

sqlite3* raven::sqlite::cDB::getHandle ( ) [inline]

Get handle to database, for C API calls.

void raven::sqlite::cDB::Open ( const wchar_t *  fname)

Open database.

Open database file.

int raven::sqlite::cDB::Query ( const wchar_t *  f,

Submit query.

[in]fquery format string, like printf
number of rows in result, -1 if error

Any results stored as UTF16 strings in cQuery::myResult

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