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Generate alert on new activity by others on any of your fossil repositories.


Fossil is a simply hosted code repository, ticket tracker and wiki all in one. It does just about everything a project management website needs, except alert the project users when something new appears. To find out if anything needs your attention, you have to check the timeline of all your fossil projects and see if anyone has made a change since you last looked. The timeline provides an RSS feed, which helps in this task, but it would be convenient to receive an alert when, and only when, someone else posted something to any project.


  1. Add fossil project to list of monitored projects
  2. Specify own author name
  3. Specify polling frequency
  4. Receive alert when there is new activity by any other author other than self.
  5. View list of new events, by project
  6. Catch up: acknowledge all events on a project
  7. Acknowledge event, and all previous events on a project.