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Artifact ID: 63aa9c5e9e4ed9cf6c774bb21863ba6ee14bc320
Page Name:Dilemma
Date: 2009-11-21 19:41:55
Original User: james
Parent: 51f5d2c7324036bac213fde9a2d574abf8ccbcd5

A simulation of an evolving collection of players of the iterated prisoner's dilemma.


The Fossil Repository

The fossil repository is a single file containing the complete history of the code source along with the documentation and tickets.

Fossil software configuration management provides self-hosting source control, documentation and ticketing all in one executable file obtained from here

Clone the dilemma fossil repository with the command

 fossil clone http://open:all@ dilemma.fossil

Zip File of v1.0 source code

A zip file containing just the source code for v1.0.0 can dowloaded from here