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Wiki page [Dilemma] by james 2009-11-22 16:44:39.
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L Dilemma
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W 1990
A simulation of an evolving collection of players of the iterated <a href=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prisoner%27s_dilemma>prisoner's dilemma.</a>

When people co-operate, things usually turn out well.  If no-one co-operates, then everyone usually suffers.  So the game plan is obvious, right?

Wrong!  If everyone else is co-operating, then some clever fellow will come along and take advantage.  So now the game plan is obvious, refuse to co-operate and take advantage of everyone who is naively co-operating.

Stupid!  This is so obvious that no-one will co-operate, will they?  And, yes, everyone will suffer.

This is clever?

This is a famous dilemma, with all sorts of significant analogies in the real world from Mutually Assured Destruction to the Tragedy of the Commons to the evolution of ethics in a godless universe.  

There is a very simple solution, though it only becomes perfectly obvious by using mathematical simulation.


<h3>The Fossil Repository</h3>

The fossil repository is a single file containing the complete history
of the code source along with the documentation and tickets.

Fossil software configuration management provides self-hosting source control, documentation and ticketing all in one executable file obtained from <a href = http://www.fossil-scm.org> here </a>

Clone the dilemma fossil repository with the command

 fossil clone http://open:all@ dilemma.fossil

Extract the source code for the latest version

 fossil open dilemma.fossil

<h3>Zip File of v1.0 source code</h3>

A zip file containing just the source code for v1.0.0 can dowloaded from <a href=> here </a>

<h2> Other Code</h2>
[ | Other] open source code by James Bremner, [http://ravenspoint.com | Raven's Point Consulting ]

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